41. Avoiding Exorbitant Prescription Drug Costs in the US

Stemming from a lack of regulation, prescription drug costs in the US continue to soar. Even with insurance, many families cannot afford to buy necessary medications for themselves or their children. This past week in my office, two insured families were unable to purchase basic inhalers for children with asthma, due to excessively inflated costs. This phenomenon is inexcusable, and it likely won’t be rectified without significant federal regulation.

Until that time comes, American families will continue to face financial hurdles on a daily basis. Legally buying prescription medications from other countries, such as Canada, represents a potential solution to this problem.

If you or your family members are having difficulty affording medications in the US, you can potentially purchase medications from businesses like http://www.RxCanada4less.com. The phone number for this company is 877-888-9265, and the fax is 877-888-9805. The company requires a valid prescription from a physician to order medications.

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