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1. How Not to Raise a 20-Pound Tyrant

2. What Every Expecting Family Should Know About Cord Blood Banking

3. A Brief History of Childhood Vaccines and Some Advice From a Pediatrician

4. The Inside Scoop on Tylenol and Motrin, Including a One-step Calculation for Finding the Right Dose for Your Child

5. Pediatric Tip of the Day: Save Those Old Epi Pens!

6. How to Reduce a Nursemaid’s Elbow at Home

7. A Potty Training Guide for Parents Who are Ready

8. Avoiding Excessive Weight Gain in Childhood

9. The Gritty Guide for Baby Proofing Your Home, and Your Life

10. Scary Things Babies Do that are Usually Non-worrisome

11. How to Reclaim Your Bed When You’d Like to Stop Cosleeping, but Your Child Doesn’t Agree

12. The Most Important Post in this Blog: Getting a Baby to Sleep Through the Night

13. Tips and Tricks for Getting Rid of Head Lice

14. The Most Disgusting Thing I Have Seen as a Mom and Pediatrician: Live Pinworms

15. Tips for Starting Tampons with Teens

16. Stacking the Odds Against Autism

17. Managing Fever in Children

18. SIDS Prevention, and Why I Disagree with the AAP’s Policy on Room Sharing

19. Marijuana and the Teenage Brain

20. Coping with Flu in 2018: Advice for Families

21. Pediatric Tip of the Day–February 21, 2018: Public Cord Blood Donation is an Option, Regardless of Where You Live

22. A Pediatrician’s Recommendations for Decreasing Gun Violence in America

23. A Quick Guide for Treating Asthma in Children

24. The Dangers of Ionizing Radiation: Which Radiologic Studies Should be Avoided, if Possible

25. Essential Bathroom-Cabinet Items for New Parents

26. Tips for Introducing Solid Food to Babies

27. Managing Animal Bites in Children

28. Why Parents Should Never Allow Teenagers to Tan

29. Why the Gardasil Vaccine Could Save Your Child’s Life

30. The Life-Saving Gift of Swim Lessons

31. Wean that Binky

32. Treating Acne in Teenagers

33. Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks for New Moms

34. Basic CPR and Management of Choking for Children of All Ages

35. List of Local Pediatric Mental Healthcare Providers

36. Maintaining Your Sanity While Raising Children

37. Managing Tick Bites in Children in New England

38. Healthy Eating, in a Nutshell

39. Risks of Playing Football in Young Children

40. Important Information on Measles

41. Avoiding Exorbitant Prescription Drug Costs in the US

42. Pediatric Tip of the Day: Excess Screen Time Really Does Rot Your Brain

43. Risk and Benefits of Treating Fever in the Age of COVID-19

44. Video Link: Management of Fever with COVID-19 and Other Infectious Illnesses

45. Masks, Face Shields, and COVID-19

46. Video Link: How to Get a Baby to Sleep Through the Night

47. Video Link: How to remove foreign objects from a child’s nose at home

48. COVID, Aerosols, and Classrooms

49. DPH Connecticut COVID update

50. Lead Contamination of “Baby” Food

51. Revised COVID Guidelines

52: A Gentle Approach to Picky Eating in Childhood

53. The Case Against Suburban Lawncare

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